HEALTH: Mercury Crisis

This will be an inappropriately short post on a hugely important subject, but I’ve been sick for a while and can’t put together too many words right now. The video below illustrates some of what I’ve been thinking about and starting to work on lately:

To make a long story short, I suspect that for me, mercury from amalgam dental fillings is likely a huge contributing factor in decades of struggling with my physical and neurological health.

Here’s a more in-depth video about what mercury does to people and what can be done about it:

I decided to buy some Chlorella (started taking it today) as one step in the (hopefully) right direction toward detoxification and better health.

KIDS: Angelfish

This evening is a perfect example of why my family needs a blog. Sometimes our kids say the funniest things. Here’s a brief conversation that occurred as our 6 yr.-old girl was heading to bed and walking past our 100-gallon aquarium.

Girl: “Our angelfish has DIED!!”

Mom: “We don’t have an angelfish.”

Girl: “Oh, it’s a good thing we don’t!”

HEALTH: Tuesday Fat Day

Tuesdays are called Tuesday Fat Day at our house. Most people don’t know what Tuesday Fat Day is, so I’ll explain. Every Tuesday morning when we get up, our routine is to go to the bathroom and weigh ourselves before we get dressed for the day. My husband and I then write our weight on a chart with a graph that tracks changes in our weight over time. This is such a great routine to help with weight management which I know is an issue that many people struggle with. Weighing on the same day at the same time consistently takes a lot of the emotion, dread, and procrastination out of getting on the scale. It’s just a simple routine. You just do it. And knowing exactly what your weight is in relation to what it was a week ago or two weeks ago or a month ago, etc. naturally contributes to a greater awareness of what and how much you’ve been eating! This eliminates the possibility of putting on 50 lbs. without realizing that the weight is piling on. This way, if you notice that your weight is on an upward trend, you can make the necessary lifestyle adjustments without having to immerse yourself in a challenging diet or weight loss plan. It is so much easier to take off 2 lbs. than it is to take off 50 or more!

To prove how easy and not embarrassing this is, here are our results for this Tuesday Fat Day:

Me = 137.6 lbs. (5’5″)

Husband = 185.8 lbs. (5’10”)

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